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Use German Umlauts ÄÖÜß with US Keyboard on Arch Linux

Super easy and works with your builtin Gnome System Tool – No Hacks, no System File editing required! Alt Gr + AOUS now becomes ÄÖÜß! (Works with Ubuntu too)

This post was heavily inspired by the one of Daniel Ritter. In order to find this information better on the internet I would like to provide it on my blog as well, with an additional tweak!

As a programmer I prefer using an US Keyboard instead of a local (in my case German) keyboard. But however when chatting or writing E-Mail I really need those ÄÖÜß Umlaute! There are multiple ways to do that, but they all are not good enough for me. I do not want to edit any system files, no do I want to type complicated Keyboard combinations. I prefer to use Alt Gr + AOUS to type ÄÖÜß.

I found a very simple solution, that just works with builtin Gnome tools. It requires to use Gnome though, but could work similar on other Desktop Environments.

  1. Open Gnome Tweak Tool and enable: Keyboard & Mouse -> Show Extended Input Sources
  2. Restart your Gnome session
  3. Open Gnome Settings and go to Keyboard -> Input Sources and add the new Keyboard Layout German (US)

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