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How to add a blur Effect to Images with Pinta

Hide sensible information by adding a professional blur effect to your images, pictures or screenshots with the free and open-source tool Pinta.

Create a Screenshot

Pinta Blur Example Clear

First you need a picture where you want to apply the blur effect. In this example I’ve chosen my Github profile settings page. It does not contain any sensible information, but for this demo we want to blur the Biographie section of the screenshot.

Select Area to blur

Pinta Blur Tutorial Selection

Next open the Image with Pinta and select the area you want to apply the blur effect.

Apply Blur Effect

Pinta Blur Gaussian Effect

Go to Effects > Blurs > Gaussian Blur and select a desired radius. For simple text fields I recommend a radius of 10, for pictures 50.

Review the Image

Pinta Blur Example Blur

That’s all! The sensitive information is now blurred. Make sure to re-check the rest of the image and blur other relevant sections as well.

Example Image Showcase

Compare the images of the tutorial side-by-side:

The following example demonstrates a blur effect of type “Gaussian” with radius 50:

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Pinta is available for all major Platforms, including Linux, Mac and Windows. Most Linux distributions already provide Pinta in their official repositories. It is free and open-source, so check it out!

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