Google Search Console site Verification Sucessfully confirmed Property using TXT DNS Record

Netcup Google Search Console Site Verification with TXT DNS Record

A tutorial on how to verify your Google Search Console Property with a TXT DNS Record in your Netcup Customer Control Panel. This tutorial focuses on Netcup as a hosting service, as it is quite tricky to find the right options in their control panel.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Create new Google Search Console Domain Property

Google Search Console add new Domain Property

Go to your Google Search Console and create a new Property on the left side. Select the “Domain” option and enter the domain name without any prefix (like ->

Copy Site Verification Code

Google Search Console Copy Site Verification Code

Copy the Site Verification Code to your clipboard. You can leave the dialog and come back here later.

Login to Netcup CCP

Netcup Customer Control Panel Login

Log in to your Netcup Customer Control Panel, not the Hosting Panel.

Open “Domains”

Netcup Customer Control Panel Domain Section

Click “Domains” on the left side to see a list of your Domains below.

Open DNS Settings

Netcup Customer Control Panel DNS Configuration

Click on the small search icon on the left side of the desired domain entry and select the DNS Tab.

Create new TXT DNS Record

Netcup Customer Control Panel Add Google Site Verification TXT DNS Record

Create a new entry with hostname “@”, type “TXT” and paste the Google Site Verification code to the “destination” field. You can keep any existing TXT entries, they will coexist properly. Hit the save button below and confirm the warning dialog.

Complete Verification in Google Search Console

Google Search Console site Verification Sucessfully confirmed Property using TXT DNS Record

Wait a few minutes or in worst case a few days. You can always come back to the Google Search console and check if your property was confirmed. Congratulations! You domain is now confirmed for Google Search Console and ready for any further actions.

Why is DNS Site Verification useful?

DNS Site verification gives you the flexibility to monitor all subdomains of your domain with a single verification. E.g. and

If you ever want to change the content of the website (like switching from a static site to WordPress), no further steps are required and you will never lose the tracking.

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