Astra Starter Templates Pixabay Integration

WordPress Astra Theme Feature Image Tips & Tricks

When changing the feature image size of the WordPress Astra theme blog posts I ran into some Pitfalls. Here are some Tips & Tricks how to avoid those problems.

Best & recommended Feature Image Size

Reading through the internet it looks like 1200 pixels by 628 pixels is a very common and good working resolution for all kind of devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Free Feature Image Stock Photos

It is always better to have a stock image than no image at all. I really like Pixabay for stock images. The reason is, that you do not need to check for any attribution, as the images are always free and no attribution is required. Even though I am a fan of giving credits, this is just the most easiest way to do it.

Astra Starter Templates Pixabay Integration

The the Astra add-on “Starter Templates” you can easily pick stock images from Pixabay within the image selection modal dialog of WordPress itself.

I want to note, that I am finding different results when going to Pixabay directly, compared to using the plugin. The reason might be that the browser recognizes my German location, while the plugin does not and this might give different results.

Blog Featured Image Size Not Working

I ran into a few problems when setting a custom feature image size with the Astra theme. Here is a short list of things to check:

  • You need to have the Astra Pro Add-on installed
  • The “Pro Blog” Module must be enabled (Settings -> Appearance -> Astra-Options)
  • The change only takes effect after closing the customizer and it needs some time to generate the new preview images
  • Make sure to set the image size on both: archive and single blog post pages
  • The image reprocessing does not work if you protect your website with a password. I usually develop websites on a protected subdomain of my webspace, but the feature image rendering does not work then.

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If you like to support what I am doing, you can buy the Astra Pro Plugin via this link. I am also using the Astra theme on this blog, and I can highly recommend it.

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