Safemoon or Fakemoon? Is Safemoon a scam? Deleted Reddit post

SafeMoon or FakeMoon? Is SafeMoon a scam?

I originally wanted to post this on the SafeMoon Reddit community, but the post was instantly deleted by the moderators. Please comment below to start a discussion.

I have a few concerns about SafeMoon and would like to get some feedback/discussion

I am currently looking at SafeMoon and there are a few things that I found very spooky. If someone got any answer to my questions, that’d be super helpful.

SafeMoon Sourcecode

  • Why is it only ~1000 lines of code? That does not seem like a complex thing.
  • Why is there no activity on the repository? I heard they were “hard working”, does not look so.
  • Why does the sourcecode has no proper readme?
  • Why does the sourcecode not even have a proper license? That is a beginner mistake. That is a no-go!
  • I want to note, that there might be flaws in the source
  • There is no security audit yet

Safemoon Team

  • The few twitter profiles were just recently created. We know nothing about the people
  • The LinkedIn profiles list companies that do not exists. Did anyone even bother to check that?
  • The LinkedIn profile of Trevor does not even exist

The (Reddit) Community

I understand that the community is hyped. However there are some comments that are super positive about SafeMoon in a way, that is suspicious to me. Those accounts are all created just a few month ago, all this year. Does not sound very trustworthy. (I’ve created my account today, as I wanted to comment for this post)

The donations

  • Why the hell would someone donate half a million for something without ANY clear(!) roadmap? We just have a bunch of marketing mockups, empty promesis of people we dont know.
  • Donations are taken via crypto currency. If someone donates, they must trade that crypto back to USD. Otherwise they are speculating with your money as well. Also the progress bar is absolutely random and not relyable then.

The roadmap

Have you even read the roadmap? There are super random things in there that do not make sense:

  • “integrating SafeMoon with African Markets” – What does that mean?
  • “setting up a Charity drive and charity vote” – Why? For what charity?
  • “We will be expanding the team by 35%” – WTF why 35%? They are 6 people, so that means 2.1 more people? 33% would make more sense, but that sounds like marketing bullshit to me.
  • “architecting a crypto educational app” – Why? Why do we need that? What should that do and why is it related to a coin? Makes no sense to me
  • “release our first video game with SafeMoon integrated” – Which video game and why would I even bother? That sounds like random bullshit. Developing a video game takes a) lot of time and b) lot of money. They are talking about releasing(!) in half a year. Beside the app (whatever that app does) and education app and the charity program. That looks unrealistic
  • “establishing a SafeMoon Scholarship” – What does that mean?

Did you also notice…

That the SafeMoon coin price is very low (12. April – $0.00000098)? Of course you did, that’s why you bought coins! But it is THAT low, that you cannot even estimate the value of the coins. If they ever reach a cent, you will be rich you might think. But they will never do that, because the scale is just different. That is to trick people, I guess.

Update 19. April 2021: More and more people are reporting that their coins are lost or magically transferred to the SafeMoon owners. Those Github Issues are not yet deleted, so check them out:

Other similar coins

Yesterday I made a joke to my friend and I said: “Lets copy that idea, have a nice website, but go to the mars, not to the moon. Change a few of the fee values and we are good to go to fool a few people. We call it safe-mars”. Guess what happens?

Also Reddit does not allow me to write safe-mars in that post without a dash. It is forbidden! That rule is set by the authors, I guess. Why?

I am really excited about your feedback, cause currently I am really not sure what this hype is all about. Looking behind the scenes makes me feel very uncomfortable.

Cheers NicoHood

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This is the end of the original Reddit post. If you have other criticism about SafeMoon, I am happy to add them to the list here as well. Please comment for a more in-depth discussion.

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10 thoughts on “SafeMoon or FakeMoon? Is SafeMoon a scam?”

  1. You’re right, there’re basically bunch os similar projects that makes no sense. IDK, why people get so hyped with such nonsense project? Lol, they’ll learn when they get rekt.

  2. But people also saying Bitcoin is a scam when it was release, Coinbase is a scam when it was release, so there is too much confusion if something in Blockchain/Crypto World is right or wrong

    1. How do you explain the missing tokens being returned to safemoon owners?

      I’m reading few bad luck reviews. I want to purchase an sizeable whale amount without being cheated. Maybe I should wait til there better crypto regulations before I dive in.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with everything in your post. Some friends of mine have “invested” in safemoon based solely on the social media hype and have seen their wallets quadrupled but I just don’t trust it. Too many nonsense terms and headlines being thrown around and a reddit community which is just full of “to the moon” and “diamond hands” spam. I’m steering clear of this, but I hope I don’t regret it later.

  4. tbh I just fomo‘ed into it and I guess everyone else is doing the same cause they do not want to miss the oppotunity to get Rich – this is an irrational market based on feelings – that you acctually have to leave out of this Game

    If it sounds to good to be true – its not true… I already see my 100€ to be gone into nothing even if I manage to sell this sh*t coin

  5. Bitocins a scam, DOGE is a joke, Coinbase is a scam, binance will close its doors to US users and you will be left with nothing! Jeez Warren buffet is barely coming aroiund on crypto as a whole. The whole sector is “SCAM” but we know the above are not and neither is Safemoon. This is a great concept to incentivize long term holds. Disclaimer *I own a shit ton of Safemoon

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  7. It is now 7 September 2021 … nine days away from my predicted “defunct” date for Safemoon. I claim that on 16 September, the world will have realized that Safemoon is a total scam and will treat it as such. Of course Safemoon will still exist but the scam nature of Safemoon will no longer be a secret.

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